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Hu Brietkopf


Online Mortgage Life Insurance is not about being the biggest company or making the most money. Founded by one individual, Hu Brietkopf, Online Mortgage simply aims to find the right insurance (and affordable insurance), for each and every individual.

In 2008, Hu decided that working on computers was just not cutting it anymore. After realizing he could get a job that helped others protect themselves and get out of debt, he soon switched over to the insurance industry, and ever since has been helping families and individuals obtain the insurance they need.

Hu became specialized in the most popular, as well as the more unique, forms of insurance so that he could help every single person who wanted to find insurance. Whether you’re looking for life insurance for yourself or your child, or you need travel insurance or group benefits, or almost any other insurance, Online Mortgage has got you covered.

Even if you keep getting denied elsewhere, Hu is here to help. No matter what conditions you’ve already got, or how tight your budget is, Online Mortgage was founded to help you find and get the insurance you need.

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